Wow! Starting this up again!

Lomito Restaurant will now occupy 4770 Liberty Ave, the same location that once held our sister operation FukudaPGH.

Our soft opening will be Oct. 6th featuring the same menu (and daily specials) as Lomito Truck.

So bring your Negro Modelos, and join us for the month of October as we gently open towards our grand opening and Kickstarter campaign on Nov. 1st on our patio!

Pittsburgh, here we come!


Our Weekend Schedule!

Our schedule this weekend:

Friday (8/23):

5pm-9pm @ East End Coop for “Food for Real” 201 N. Braddock Ave

11pm-2am @ Shadyside Detail (next to Harris Grill) Late nite!

Saturday (8/23):

4pm-9pm @University of Pittsburgh’s “Food Truck Extravaganza!” sponsored by H2O Church!

11pm-2am @Shadyside Detail – Late nite!

Sunday (8/24):

10am-4pm @BikePGH! back of REI in South Side Works

5pm-9pm Our second-to-last “Weather Permitting!” @ Shadyside Nursery on Ellsworth

Joni us!

Deutschtown Music Festival & Weather Permitting

This weekend looks to be jampacked, fun-going, music-filled, family-friendly and adult-themed all at once!

On Saturday 7/6/13, we’ll be vending at the first annual Deutschtown Music Festival, featuring over 40 bands, firedancers and other incredible artists/vendors in the heart of downtown Northside. For more information, visit: This will absolutely be a HUGE event, so bring your kids, grandma, long-lost uncle and get ready to shimmy the entire day away until the wee hours of the night.

Then, on Sunday 7/7/13,  from 5-9pm at Shadyside Nursery, we return to our residency at Weather Permitting, featuring our best lineup -to-date! Featuring…

  • Music: Armadillos, Allegheny Rhythm Rangers, & Kobotown
  • Food: PGH Taco Truck, Dozen Dessert Truck, & Lomito Truck
  • Vendors: Rock Bottom Brewery, Tarot Reading, and more!

Of course, none of this would be possible without you. Pittsburgh’s summer is fully ON, so let’s keep it going strong.

Next week, we hope to have a real, legitimate logo on our beloved truck, some new menu items (anyone say “South American ice cream”?!?), and goodies like T-shirts to give away. Stay tuned for more exciting stuff on our end as we roll through the summer!

In the meanwhile, here’s a video montage of the past two weeks…

Urban Garden @ Mattress Factory

It all started out last year.

At exactly the same time in 2012, James Rich, the famous owner/operator of the PGHTacoTruck asked me rather nonchalantly, “hey man, you wanna help me serve some tacos at a museum?”

I love museums. As a New Yorker, I’d visit MOMA, Met, the “Guug” every other weekend. Whitney? Oh, how I miss thee. I had never heard of Mattress Factory. Wasn’t this the place where they make mattresses and sell em for cheap?

Gosh. Was I in for a surprise.

For one, the Mattress Factory rivals other museums that I’ve visited in terms of curation, innovation, and excitement. It’s a small one, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have bang.

James had literally just purchased his truck, and drove it from, like, Alaska – and his very first event ever was at the Urban Garden Party 2012. It turned out to be an unforgettable evening. We were servin’ up some of James’ amazing tacos, had the longest line, people dressed in the most intricate costumes, music blaring like it was 1999, and dancing. Boy, was there some dancin’ goin’ on!

So when Gina asked us to donate/vend our LomitoTruck’s Asadito de Carne sandwiches for the event this year, well, Damon & I jumped at the chance.

You need this next year(You want this in 2014. Trust me.)

We brought out our outdoor grill, fired up the brisket charcoal, brought some of Rocio’s Toucans, and whipped up over 150 fresh-off-the-barbie on baguette sandwiches for a voracious crowd. I learned that free cocktails with free Asadito sammiches go very well together at the hottest event of the year.

IMG_0900[1](Damon grillin’ it up!)

In about 45 minutes, we served up 150 servings. We disappointed about 50 more people waiting in line, and we joined the crowd for some dancing & festivities for the rest of the evening.

The best part of this was the fact it went to a great cause, with so many excited patrons and a plethora of sponsors who made this possible. If you haven’t been to the Mattress, go. We know we’ll def be back next year. Enjoy the short video of the event!

(I told you there was a-dancin’!) 


Synergy: How three local enterprises joined forces for Weather Permitting

First, hats off to Pete Spynda. As the founder and manager of the famous Pandemic series at Brillobox, he had the idea of utilizing the Shadyside Nursery space for the summer series, aptly titled “Weather Permitting” where families, friends, and neighbors can relax, enjoy incredible live music as the sun sets, and purchase gourmet food truck cuisines from Lomito Truck, PGH TacoTruck, Frankuary, BRGR, Oh My Grill and more on a rotating weekly basis.

Pete worked hard for this event. I mean, as hard as anyone in this industry. He was able to procure a blurb on City Paper, got an interview with Nakturnal, a mention by PopCity Media, a shoutout by WCRT Zombo’s radio show…. if anyone needs to hire a hard working marketing guru, this guy would be it.

Then he procured a lineup of live bands for the ENTIRE SUMMER, with Lung Face Feet kicking it off last Sunday (video posted below), booked an artist to paint the stage, built the stage with the Nursery guys in less than 2 hours, helped setup a sound system, procured Red Star Kompucha to donate some of their hearty boozey drinks, bought four kegs, hired three helpers, and played with his cute lil’ daughter during the event. WTF? Is his blood made of crack?!?

2013-06-09 14.03.04

(Pete: My jeans may be tight, but I look damn good in this pose)

Then there is Bill, the humble one-of-two brother tag-team owner of Shadyside Nursery. Before this event, many people did not even know it existed. But it does. And it’s an awesome nursery. Their prices are half of their competition, and nearly a third of the national chains. Bill could not be more opposite than Pete. Bill doesn’t have twitter. He sometimes checks his facebook. Has a pretty decent sense of humor. And, along with his younger brother Mike, works his buttocks off every single day – does anyone know how hard it is to bag 300 pounds of mulch? Well, I helped them do exactly that last Sunday to prepare for #WeatherPermittingPGH, and my back is still sore.

Bill’s dedicated to utilizing his space, the entire nursery and his parking lot – alongside Shadyside Detail, to bring together a community that is sorely in need of positive energy. Check him out, and his nursery, soon.

Bill doing his thang

(What? I don’t have an afro! Its more of a perm, damnit)

Lastly, there’s us. Damon & I (and Rocio!) are still perfecting our menu, our foodtruck is at TJ’s autobody shop (as I type this) getting inspected, and the ACHD will soon give us a stamp of approval to sell food directly out of the truck so that we can put South American goodness into your bellies. Our logo is getting created, and well, we still have a lot of work to do, but do check our events page for the next place to catch us for the summer & beyond.

For our part for Weather Permitting, we will bring a rotation of different food trucks every weekend, including PGH Taco Truck, Franktuary, BRGR, Oh My Grill etc. In fact, we’ve just confirmed Franktuary for the next Weather Permitting event so get ready to stuff your face with hot dogs.

Lastly, we hope our truck will be up & running full time all around the city of Pittsburgh in no time (fingers crossed!) by the end of this week. Follow us on all sorts of social media for updates, and we promise to bring you very best in South American cuisine.

So, in sum: Pete “Weather Permitting” + Bill “Shadyside Nursery” + Damon/Hoon “Lomito Truck” = Amazing Sundays for the rest of the Summer. Join us!

Ok, now for the video (it was on my iPhone 5 in low light so forgive the shakiness, but you can see the incredible energy of the space, with people dancing, kids playing in the sandbox, and the jubilant evening atmosphere of the event):